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Standard Uniform Bundle
This is the minimum required Pro Hockey Uniform (includes one blue jersey and socks)

Premium Uniform Bundle (Standard Blue Uniform with Pant Shell)
Deluxe Uniform Bundle (Standard Blue Uniform with Pant Shell, Hoodie, Tee & Shorts)


If travelling with one of our teams to Europe...

European Uniform Bundle
(includes home and away jerseys, socks, pant shell and dry-fit hoodie)
Deluxe European Uniform Bundle (European Uniform Package plus Tee & Shorts)
Deluxe GIRLS European Uniform Bundle (European Uniform Package plus Tights)


Purchasing uniform and apparel...
  • Uniforms and apparel are purchased through our uniform and apparel partner.
  • Purchases are in Canadian currency.
  • Prices do not include taxes. Taxes (HST) will be applied at checkout.
  • Refunds or exchanges cannot be made on items that are personalized with a number or name.

I ordered my uniform a while ago; why haven't I received it yet?

  • Supplier needs to order material and have it shipped to them.
  • Regardless of the uniform order date, uniforms are generally manufactured as a team once all players have registered. This is due to jersey number organization and rostering.

  • Jersey number selection is based on number preference using first, second and third choices for all new players.

  • A returning player takes priority for jersey number choice.

  • That said, the sooner the order, the greater chance at number preference.
  • When corresponding with our supplier, please have your order number ready, and keep in mind the above procedure when speaking respectfully with their staff.

  • Your order form will show if you chose to pay for shipping, or if you chose to pick up your order at RYR Sports.